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               WordPress Installation 5 minute Tutorial

WordPress is known as the most popular content management(CMS) system in the world.  New users are often surprised when they hear that WordPress is also known for its easy way of installation. You will be surprised to know that WordPress installation is a simple process that takes less than five minutes to complete.

In this WordPress installation post, our goal is to offer a comprehensive WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike. We will show you how to install WordPress using  Softaculous, and using the C panel hosting for beginners. We will explain how to install WordPress manually for you also.


in order to install WordPress or create a WordPress site at first, you need to buy a domain for yourself. A domain is an area where a person can have his/her complete control. You must have to have a domain name for your website, like shourovahmed.com. You can buy this domain from goddaddy.com or exonhost.com


Now you have a name for your website, so the next steps for you is to have a  storage or server area. You can buy your hostings from NameCheap or Bluehost

so lets make a recap what we just learn

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Things You Need Before Installing WordPress

Before you install WordPress, first you will need a domain name and a web host company that knows WordPress.

WordPress installation using Softaculous

Go to your C panel first. Scroll down and find the menu softaculous.  See the picture below..

Softaculous Install
Softaculous Install


Now click on the WordPress icon to install WordPress. Click install and then you will find this page. see the picture

Softaculous WordPress
Softaculous WordPress

Now put your domain name, your website name, your site description, email and other things and press install.


Yahoo!!! your WordPress installation is ready now. Enjoy and write your first content.

Your interface will look like ….


Dashboard Shourov Ahmed — WordPress
Dashboard Shourov Ahmed — WordPress


Please let me know if the article is helpful for you or not. In the next article, i will write how to install WordPress manually. Till then stay safe, take care. Good luck.


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