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On Page SEO Techniques In 2019: A complete solution

On page seo techniques in 2019.

on page SEO optimization is a process of making your web page or blog posts more search engine friendly.

So If you want to rank your site higher on a search engine like google, yahoo, and bing then you have to optimize your website on page SEO correctly. In this article, I will explain all the important things that are related about on page SEO so that you can make your contect rank higher in search engines.

On Page SEO Techniques in 2019

  1. Targeted keywords Keywords are the words and phrases that Internet users type into the search box of a search engine. here is an example so that you unterstand it properly “best places to visit in dhaka city”

2. Title tag: Include your target keyword in the beginning of your title tag and Use title tag under 60 characters. that is one of the most important On Page SEO Techniques

3. SEO Friendly URL Create short and sweet URLs that include your target keyword so that it ranks higher in search engines.

4. Meta Description Include your target keyword in the meta description You can write 160 characters in your meta description. beacuse meta description should be under 160 character.

Add keyword in the beginning on your blog post Include your target keyword in the first 100 words of your article

5. Use multimedia in your blog spot Use at least multimedia in your blog post (Video, Images, slide, meme, Infographics, gif). that is one of the On Page SEO Techniques

on page seo techniques in 2019

6. Outbound link Click Include at least 2 outbound links to related authority sites

You can link popular blogs, news sites and .edu and .gov resources

7. Use H1 Tag Use your targeted keywords in an H1 tag, so Make sure your keyword or synonym is in an H1 tag

on page seo techniques for 2019

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8. Use Social Share Button Use social sharing button on your blog post beacuse its an On Page SEO Techniques

9. Use LSI Keywords LSI = Latent Semantic Indexing, Include 1-2 LSI keywords in every article. so For LSI keywords use http://lsigraph.com/

example= on page seo guide, on page seo tips etc

10. Bounce Rate It mean single page visitors Bounce rate is an SEO and conversion killer. so try to decrease the bounce rate.

11. Dwell Time Dwell time simply measures how long a searcher stays on your page before hitting the back button. So increase in dweel time is important On Page SEO Techniques.

12. Use Internal Linking Use 2-3 Internal links in every post you published.

beacause Proper use of h2 and h3 tags Use you targeted keywords in an H2 and H3 tag in you post subheading. wordpress installation process

13. Image Optimization Use your main keywords in your image alt text so that your image can be rank higher in the search engines.

14. Published Long Content Write at least 1500 words for content so that you’re trying to rank for competitive keywords Increase

15. Click Through Rate (CTR) Increase CTR can boost your ranking because it is very much useful. so try to increase the CTR.

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